Moderate daily supplements of vitamin C taken by people with coronary artery disease may be effective in improving the function of blood vessels, preventing the chest pains of unstable angina pectoris and reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, new studies suggest. The recently published research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, was conducted by collaborating scientists from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University and Dr. John F. Keaney, Jr., and Dr. Joseph A. Vita at the Boston University School of Medicine. In three recent reports, these researchers have outlined how patients with a healthy level of vitamin C in their bloodstream -- which was provided in one study by a daily 500 milligram supplement -- had blood vessels with significantly improved "vasodilation," or the ability to relax and avoid dangerous constriction.

[Excerpted from an Oregon State University Press Release, June 23, 1998]


Vitamin C may help prevent cognitive degeneration, according to a new study. Australian researchers followed 117 community-dwelling retirees from 1991-1995. Vitamin C intake was ascertained at base line. Cognitive function was determined using the Mini-Mental State Examination. After adjusting for several risk factors of dementia, vitamin C supplementation was linked to, "a lower prevalence of more severe cognitive impairment."

[American Journal of Epidemiology -- July, 1998:]

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