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Adjustable Knee Spacer and Leg Cushions


IN BETWEEN THE KNEE PILLOW - (6"X8"X10") A between your knees leg Cushion that supports your spine in the natural position allowing tense muscles to relax. Front and rear bumpers prevent you from rolling onto your stomach. If you sleep lying on your side and have back pain, the Knee Spacer is the sleep aide for you. When you place the Knee Spacer between your legs, you'll feel reduced strain and stress on your back while sleeping on your side. Reduces the strain and stress on the back while sleeping by aligning the spine, thus reducing the "torque" applied to the low back. As a result, this simple sleep aid significantly reduces pain and discomfort in the low back. This is a new item that is similar to the picture to the left and comes in a white terry cloth cover (no zipper). ONLY $19.95 Qty:

ADJUSTABLE KNEE CUSHION - (17"x12"x5-8") Alternative to a full size wedge. Offers 3 different support levels. Simply remove or add a layer for that perfect fit. Manufactured from polyurethane foam. Includes a zippered polycotton cushion protector. (Approximately 17" long, 12" wide) ONLY $45.95



ADJUSTABLE LEG WEDGE CUSHION (20"x24"x5-8") - Economical Compact Solution to help reduce hip, ankle, lower back and leg pain. Fully adjustable wedge is ideal for relieving stress or strain on the spine and lower body. Three layer design provides customized support for your legs while laying on your back. Includes a zippered polycotton cushion protector. (Approximately 20" wide, 24" long) ONLY $74.95



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